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The Finer Details

Why do I need to be fire compliant?

If you are an owner of, or a business or person occupying a building you have a legal obligation to ensure the safety of any person in that building in the event of a fire or hazardous material emergency.

The information contained within the compliance and training program combines to make a compliant written Emergency Plan as required to provide a safe work environment and comply with the provisions of the Building Fire Safety Regulations-2008 (BFSR-2008)Australian Standard (AS 3745 & AS4083) and Workplace Health & Safety (WH&S Act 2011). It is necessary to ensure the plan complies with state legislation requirements.

As an Administrator of the program you will be given access to update the Premise Information and Warden Records and set up and manage learners, view, update and print instruction records. These records include General Evacuation & First Response Instruction and Emergency Control Organisation Instruction. 

Fire Compliance

What does it do?

Solutions In Fire Compliance gives your organisation access to an online safety induction and emergency management program with site-specific induction, WHS procedures and legislative updates, the training and compliance portal keeps your business compliant.

  • Warden and First Response Training
  • Interactive Diagrams for Training
  • Document Storage
  • Contractor and Visitor Training

Our Specialties

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  • Production of Evacuation maps/diagrams
  • Written Fire and Evacuation Plan
  • Checklist for external or internal threats
  • Annual Evacuation drill templates for observations, debrief and records keeping requirements
  • Completion and submission of the occupier’s statement 


What We Can Do For You

We recommend that you consider the complete compliance package of the online compliance and training portal however if you only require evacuation maps / diagrams we can arrange the production, print and installation of these only.

Evacuation maps

Written fire and evacuation maps, production of maps and diagrams


Document storage, checklists, annual evacuation drill templates


Wardens, First response, Contractors and Visitors

Interactive Diagrams

For use in training

Fire Compliance Experts

Why Choose Solutions In Fire Compliance

Dean and Therese Walker founded Solutions in Fire Compliance in January 2022 after owning Northside Fire Service from July 2005 – November 2022, within Northside Fire Service we offered hard copy format of compliance with face-to-face training options. The online training and compliance portal was shown to Therese in November 2021 and instantly she could see how this could benefit both small and large organisations.  

Dean has over 25 years expertise within the fire industry and brings knowledge and solutions for businesses that need a little extra assistance.  Dean maps sites on planstudio with attention to detail ensuring that when staff complete the training that it is customised to each site.


Each site needs to be individually assessed for pricing, please contact us for a demonstration and quote.

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